Submission Rules

We review all submitted sites prior to displaying them on our discovery pages.
No account is necessary but repeated submissions breaking the following rules will get your access restricted.
You can submit a new site here for us to review.

In General

  • We look for quality websites fitting the criteria below
    See the "Allowed" and "Not Allowed" sections for details
  • Select the appropriate categories
    When submitting a site select at least one category for sorting
  • Enter relevant tags
    Enter at least three tags to accurate describe the primary themes or content of the site


  • Something you made
    As long as it doesn't break any rules we welcome sites you have made
  • Something Interesting
    Sites that make you think or contain great material
  • Something Beautiful
    Sites that are well designed or are otherwise appealing
  • Something Unique
    Sites that are one of a kind
  • Something Useful
    Sites that are excellent resources or contain helpful tools
  • Something Fun
    Sites that can pass the time. For example, exceptional collections, browser games, or demos

Not Allowed

  • Individual pages, blog posts, or news articles
    We only index top level domains. That means a submission should represent a site as a whole. For example, a submission of will be indexed as
  • Low quality
    Sites that are uninspired, lacking material, unfinished, have excessive advertising, or are otherwise low in quality.
  • Misleading or Malicious
    Nothing that may lead a user to unwanted downloads, popups, alerts, or malicious forms.
  • Blocked or Paywalled Content
    Sites that require payment or registration to access content will generally not be accepted. Exceptions may be made for exceptional landing pages.
  • Anything illegal or containing, hatespeech, pornography, or graphic content