WebRoll was created as a place to gather commendable websites for your discovery. Each time you roll the dice you will be presented with a random website in the category(s) of your choosing. We review each website to assure you don't find anything low quality or clickbaity. Instead you will find sites that are:

  • Treasure troves of niche information
  • Technical marvels streching the limits of the browser
  • Creative webpages reminiscient of the old Web 2.0 days
  • Beautifully designed in form and function
  • Uniquely weird or astonishing
  • Valuable web tools worthy of your bookmarks
  • Or just fun no nonsense webgames for your enjoyment

You can take a closer look at our submission rules here and if you know of a website meeting our standards feel free to submit it here!

If you happen to enjoy the enjoy a site you land on be sure to leave a like to find it in your likes page later.
No account is required for any of WebRoll's functionality but you are encouraged to sign up so your likes are available anywhere you log in.

Some WebRoll Numbers

2,872 total sites catalogued across 20 categories:

  • Arts & Design: 360
  • Beauty & Fashion: 9
  • Books & Literature: 99
  • Business & Economics: 149
  • Food & Cooking: 53
  • Fun: 323
  • Games: 247
  • Health & Fitness: 66
  • Hobbies & Leisure: 17
  • Home & Garden: 27
  • Jobs & Education: 161
  • Music & Audio: 171
  • Nature & Animals: 95
  • Other: 62
  • People & Society: 308
  • Philosophy & Life: 90
  • Science & Math: 150
  • Sports: 12
  • Technology: 595
  • TV, Movies, Videos: 89

some sites may be assigned to numerous categories

WebRoll was heavily inspired by the likes of StumbleUpon and CloudHiker. It was created by Burhan Syed as an exercise in building with AstroJS.